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Engale cross road

Mister beckenbauer was walking home one night, he had a few at the old round house and was very drunk. He was walking home, or at least trying to, he eventually came to Engale cross road where he saw a strange figure. The strange figure looked as if he waved so mister Beckenbauer waved back. The strange figure seemed as if it was getting closer to mister beckenbauer just stayed still, he was in a state of shock and he couldn’t move. It seemed like someone was holding him and every time he moved the grip got tighter. The strange figure was getting closer and mr beckenbauer was now frightened he screamed but no one heard. Mister beckenbauer passed out, and the Next day he woke up in a hospital bed with loads of pipes coming out of him. He stared at the ceiling for about five minuets, and that was the last thing mister beckenbauer saw.

Detective sherman was the last man to see mister beckenbauer alive, as with all of his cases he took it to the heart, he cried at his bedside until a doctor came in. Detective sherman stood up took a tissue out of his pocket and dried his eyes. He said “so, whats the deal doc” in a croaky voice. “Stabbed” the doctor said, “always, always a stabbing” “shame apparently he was here on a holiday from berlin, just trying to have fun” detective Sherman looked at mr beckenbauer lifeless body, “well now I have to inform his family.” “Oh detective, I have something else to show you” “go ahead” “well as you know there have been severale cases now and as you also know they’ve all been on engage road” “your point” now detective Sherman had a confused look on his face. “There’s something else, all of the bodies I have examined have the same scar, it looks like a cross and its always on the back of there necks, at first I over looked it maybe just a coincidence, maybe this could be a lead.” Detective shermans face stayed still he was silent andshowed no emotion ” I’ll be off then” said the doctor, detective Sherman said nothing. When the doctor left detective Sherman went to mr beckenbuaers body and lifted his head, he was cold, he checked behind his neck and just like the doctor said a scar shaped like a cross.

Detective sherman and face dropped, after about a Minuit or so a thought came into his head. By what he has gone of and all the clues that have been given to this murder case there’s always something different not the way that they were killed but the nationality of the victims. There have been black, Asian, and Eastern European people being killed by this strange figure. So detective Sherman grabbed his coat and headed to engale cross road. It was raining, he pulled of his car and got out. He looks around the road was silent, he took a second look and then he saw a strange figure. The figure just stood there, detective Sherman tried to walk to it but it kept getting further. The rain was really heavy now and you could barley see where you were going detective Sherman lost sight of the figure. He stopped and put his head down and looked at the floor. When he put his head back up he could not move. A tight grip got hold of him and now several strange figures were surrounding him. In unison they all said “why are you here detective” the detective replied “to stop you” “well detective you have failed” “no you may have stopped me but everyone will fight against young matter what” then figures said “let them come there fait will be the same as yours.” “You only kill people from other country’s why” “they are a waste of space” “I’m sure they bleed the same blood as you” ” no not any more” “what” “they may have once but I have taken over” “this doesn’t make sense” said detective Sherman. “We are not people any more” “but you kill people” “we don’t consider them people” “you say them as they aren’t people just remember you we’re people and what you have done can never be forgiven.” “We cannot be stopped” “people will fight back and eventually you will fall” never” “just remember now, that you have not been taken over by a unknown force now you murdering someone from this country” detective Sherman blacked out.

He awoke in a hospital bed with tubes sticking in him, he stared at the ceiling for about 5 minuets. By his bedside was a young police officer, crying, Sherman looked at him he said “engale cross road, stop then” then he flat lined. The police man stood up dried his face got his coat and headed out.


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