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Hotel Rwanda scene analysis

In the film hotel Rwanda and the scene where Paul discovers all of the dead bodies in the road, this scene causes a lot of suspense because of several factors. The non digetic sound in this scene is one of the main causes of its intense atmosphere, sounds like the knife when Paul sees the body killed by a machete gives it a horror film like feel, this noise helps with the shock and realization of what has happened.

Also the music in the scene gives it great suspense, the music is constant and it gives you the feeling that you should watch your back. But the digetic sound in this scene is also a suspense creator, it leads you to believe that everything will be ok and it kind of drowns out the music so you are not focused on it.

Also the camera shots in the scene also give it a lot of suspense, especially the shot where Paul actually falls out of the shot and falls onto the bodies. then the camera does a close up on his his face and you hear a sort of knife chatter and it then changes to another close up but this time of a dead girls face that has been killed by a machete.

The main purpose in this scene that the director to cause suspense and then introduce the horror factor. I think the director has reached his goal, because of his techniques and that he kept everything to himself and did not use dramatic irony. And throughout the whole scene we only know what Paul knows and he does deliver the horror factor with finding out what has happened to the people. And it also gives you a idea of how bad things were in Rwanda at that time when the mist clears and you see at least over one hundred bodies lying on the floor.

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Images for Camera Angles

Mid shot

Mid shot


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