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Jun 27, 2013 - Communication    No Comments

Quiz on my sonnet

1. What rhyming scheme do I use in this sonnet?
2. What is iampic pentamitor and how do I use it in my sonnet?
3. What effect did my Volta give to you?
4. What feeling did my son key give to you?
5. What is the feeling of this poem eg sad, happy, angry?
6. Did this poem relate to you?

Jun 21, 2013 - Communication    No Comments

I do not know where to start about you
I think you are perfect in every way
Without you I would not know what to do
I really don’t want you to go please stay

Because I remember all of the times
We use to have, because I enjoyed them
When your not there my happiness declines
You said I’m unique not like other men

That there is one girl that I truly love
And without this girl I could not live man
But it’s sad cos I can see you up above
You should all know I’m talking bout my nan

And I really have lasted for so long
Because I have accepted you have gone.


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