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Nov 16, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Q and A discussing fate in Romeo an Juliet

“These violent delights have violent ends” this is a quote from the play Romeo and Juliet, this is a key reference on the subject of fate in the play which it is mainly based upon. Fate is revealed in Romeo and Juliet and many ways, but of the most important is through the plot device of co-incidence. Many things in the play happened by co-incidence like how Romeo went to the capulet party, he went there to meet rosiline but not to full in love with Juliet, it was just by co-incidence that they met and fell in love that night.

Nov 9, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Romeo and Juliet fate

There are many quotations of fate in the play, even from the very beginning, the prologue said ” from forth the fatal loins of these two foes a pair of star crossed lovers take there life who’s misadventures piteous overthrows.”but this is not fate in the actual play the characters themselves say to each that there lives are hanging in the stars which is basically  saying god has control of my life I have no control and whatever’s happens I can not change my path.

This was just before the capulet party Romeo wants to go to the party to see rosiline but cmeets Juliet instead, I think that he thought that was his fate to meet Juliet I don’t think he knew at this point both were going to die. They lead on to full in love and later get married.this is where friar Lawrence said to both Romeo and Juliet “Romeo come forth , thou fearful man-affliction is enamour’d of thy parts, and thou art wedded to calamity” it his is before Romeo and Juliet kill themselves and even before Romeo gets banished from Verona so saying this is definitely evidence of fate. What the friar is saying is that e your marriage is destined for doom you may love each other but no matter what you do your fate has been sealed. I think this is a very good piece of evidence of determining fate in the play because its not one  of the characters talking to themselves about how there’s nothing they can do to stop it whereas in this case it’s soming talking to Romeo and Juliet that they are going to die and are wed’d to calamity.

Nov 8, 2012 - Communication    1 Comment

Romeo and Juliet timeline

Sunday morning:

a fight breaks out between the montagues and capulets.                                                                 Paris ask capulet for permission to marry Juliet

Sunday afternoon

Romeo goes to the capulet party to go and see Rosiline                                                                   Juliet has an argument with her mum about getting married to Paris

Sunday evening

the capulet party starts and mercrutio try’s to get Romeo to play along and have fun.

Sunday night

Romeo meets Juliet for the first time

Oct 15, 2012 - Communication    2 Comments

Interpretations of Romeo and Juliet the film

The film of Romeo and Juliet created by baz Luhrmann  is very accurate to the play in some ways but the film has a lot of interpretations of its own like, the play is set in Verona a italian city whereas the  film is set in New Mexico is coastal city in Mexico . I think Baz set the film  in New Mexico I am kool

Oct 9, 2012 - Communication    2 Comments

The Hand of Fate

At the very start of the parlt in the the prolouge it says that  both the star crossed lovers fate is sealed and they will die. The star crossed lovers being Romeo and Juliet, but also in the play there a rare many clues said by the characters talking about there future. Romeo says in the play that his consequence is left hanging in the stars, which means that his fate is in the hands of God. He also says that somethinbabas will happen, but he only says that about the party that night so that time he wasnt talking about his future. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony which is when we the audience know something that the characters don’t in this case  we know that Romeo and Juliet are going to die.

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