What I will be doing

Romeo and Juliet project


I will be doing a analytic  essay which will either be a question on fate or interpretations in the play and film

I will also recreate a scene from the play and modernise the language

I will also give a lecture to the class on a chosen subject for about 6-7 minutes also i will get someone to film it and use that for my created piece






3 responses to “What I will be doing”

  1. Christopher Waugh Avatar

    Perfect, Joe.

    I look forward to working with you on this project.

    Mr Waugh

  2. joemoncur Avatar

    The subject I will be giving a lecture on is interrelations in the play and how they changed certain things in the film to mordenise the play, I will also have a partner to do this with and that will be samy both of us will talk and be filmed at the same time, because there are two of us the lecture will be slightly longer than other people’s I think we will do well and I will wright down a few interpretations and instead of writing information i will have to write it in a script form so it will be easier to read to the class, hopefully I will memorise the script or my part anyway.