Petrarchan Sonnet

From Visions
Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374)
Being one day at my window all alone,
So manie strange things happened me to see,
As much as it grieveth me to thinke thereon.
At my right hand a hynde appear’d to mee,
So faire as mote the greatest god delite;
Two eager dogs did her pursue in chace.
Of which the one was blacke, the other white:
With deadly force so in their cruell race
They pincht the haunches of that gentle beast,
That at the last, and in short time, I spide,
Under a rocke, where she alas, opprest,
Fell to the ground, and there untimely dide.
Cruell death vanquishing so noble beautie
Oft makes me wayle so hard a desire.
(Trans. Edmund Spenser)

1.The metaphor i have chosen in this poem is ‘so fair as mote the greatest god delites’ this means that this girl is beautiful and that god has blessed her with such beauty.
2.The meaning of this poem is that people of our time are very bad, this poem is about a young beautiful girl who was attacked by two men and she died i think the author is trying to get the message across that we have to change.
3.The volta happens at the end, because throughout this poem the author is saying how beautiful this women is and at the end it turns out that she has been murdered.
4.this girl is pretty
but this girl has been murdered
so we have to change.