Coursework: Creative Writing

I awoke early in the morning, at the top of my tree I could admire the whole landscape. I thought to myself where in this beautiful forest should I hunt today? Which bark with the sun’s rays beaming down on it should I stain with the blood of my prey? What did I fancy today? A worm, a mole or a mouse? You see I can pick and choose what I want because nothing can escape my grasp when I am in pursuit.Or maybe I will have a quiet day and stay on my tree; admire my kingdom. My subjects’  lives are in my hands. The day is quickly running out and my hunger grows. I have decided that I will go on the hunt.

I take pride in the hunt and every hunt is successful, the outcome always the same… death. The thing I enjoy most about the hunt  is the feeling I get when I soar through the sky and the wind goes up my feathers; nothing makes me feel stronger. I am the omega and alpha in this forest and there is nothing stronger, faster or more deadly.

I decided to leave my nest at around midday. I think of all the places that are running full of potential victims of mine. I think of the lake. Many creatures go there to drink; they are vulnerable there, a perfect time to strike. The lake isn’t far from my tree so it won’t take long for me to reach my destination again. The feeling of the wind puts a smile on my face. When I arrive at the lake I take a position on a tree that has a field of view of the whole lake. I can analyse the whole lake, and find something which I can sink my talons in. I wait for about five minutes until something catches my attention. A lonely mouse has wandered down to the lake to have a drink; a perfect specimen for my decimation of him. I stare at the lonely soul for a while, such a small mouse I could break him so easily and that is exactly what I’m going to do.

I glide from the tree and strike the mouse instantly, causing a gash with the poor little mouses’ blood flowing out of it like a fresh spring. I knew the first strike was enough for the kill, but it would be a slow death for my victim if I left him to bleed, out so I put him out of his misery. Before I finished this little mouse off I listened, I heard fighting for its life breathing heavily, trying to clutch on to life but death is immanent and the poor little mouse last breath will be coming shortly. I place my feet on its neck and squeeze, I feel its bone crunch and the life leaving its body. I hear the break and one last squeal… and then silence. The hunt has been successful, I have achieved my objective and yet another one of my subjects has fallen beneath me. As I take chunks out of the little mouse I can taste accomplishment, I am the master of the hunt. You see a creature like me can pick and choose how much I eat, it is not a fight for survival for me, survival is more like a hobby and if I hunger again I shall just go on the hunt again. So I leave the corpse of the mouse and head back to my tree and nest, it grows dark and I grow tired.

I arrive at my tree I lay down, staring into the moon admiring it. I think to myself the moon is like how I am to this forest. It sits in the night sky watching the earth, it is the biggest thing in the sky just like I am the biggest in this forest.  Just like me if it wanted something it is big enough to take what it wants. The moon rules the night sky just like I rule this forest. It is late now I reminisce on my day, another day another hunt and another success. It will be the same tomorrow and the day after, in this forest I am apex and I will stay that till the days I grow old and die.